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David – Video Review Testimonial Comp Guy USA

My computer stopped working, it’s 5 years old. The owner was able to retrieve my data and put it on a hard drive for me. Very personable and reasonably proced. He could have easily ripped me off and charged me hundreds to fix. Glad I found this place.

Kristen L.

Kristen L.

Kristen L. – Fort Lauderdale, FL


Debbie B.
Boynton Beach, FL

I had the best experience getting my lap top fixed the other day. I am on a single mom’s budget and need my computer for the kids school and work. I was given a lot of prices, mainly what I could not afford, and when I found Ultimate Tech Team and was told it would be $35 to start and up to $99 depending on the problem, I was excited and I knew I could afford this. The customer service was great, my lap top was fixed and it only was only $75.00. I will use ComgGuy again in the future, and I am happy to know that not everyone is out to rip you off..

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